The Fulton Ferry Landing Association was formed in 1988. A volunteer run community organization, our mission is to preserve the historic character and architecture of Fulton Ferry Landing; maintain and improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the area; and promote comprehensive contextual planning in the continued development of this unique area and the adjacent historic communities. As an advocacy group for the betterment of Fulton Ferry and the surrounding areas, our strategy is proactive participation in all aspects of any City or local planning that effects us. This includes everything from assiduously defending the historic district to traffic and tour buses to park development issues. To that end, we maintain continuous communication with local officials, agencies and other community associations.

Map of Fulton Ferry Landing Neighborhood in Brooklyn

Map of Fulton Ferry Historic District in Brooklyn

FFLA is active in the following community initiatives:

• Opposition to the current proposed Dock Street Development

• Monitoring the MTA’s proposal to cut service for the B25 bus

• Lobbying for concessions to maximize openspace in the plans for the new Brooklyn Bridge Park

• Meetings with the Department of Transportation regarding ongoing parking and traffic problems

• Monitoring tour bus compliance with existing traffic and parking rules and seeking tighter restrictions on tour bus activity in the neighborhood

• Working with the Landmarks Preservation Commission on development and historic preservation issues

• Zoning changes

• Working with other local community groups and historic preservation groups in support of their efforts to preserve the historical and architectural character of this part of Brooklyn.

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